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Updates on the Cause

UPDATE - July 20, 2023

Hey Kelowna! We did a great job in preserving Kelowna Springs Greenspace at the June 20 City Council hearing, but it appears that the fight to save these valuable wetlands is not over yet.

Please be on the lookout for a new petition in the next few weeks as we continue our battle to save Kelowna’s green spaces and wetlands, and to protect Kelowna from the big city industrialization that threatens to ruin our culture, our values and our quality of life. 

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UPDATE - June 21, 2023


YOU did it. YOU made a difference.

Thank you to all who sent letters, signed the petition, and attended the Council meeting on June 20. City Council has changed the Kelowna Springs Greenspace from Industrial back to P3 Parks and Open Space.

To quote Councilor Luke Stack:

"Do it for the citizens who have asked you to do it, do it for the trees, maybe you want to do it to preserve green space, maybe you want to do it to protect the neighbouring wetland and the animal and bird species that enjoy this area, maybe you want to do it to protect the surrounding farmlands, perhaps you want to do it to protect the flood plain, maybe you want to even do it to help offset climate change.


"I don't know, but do it mostly for our city's future."

Tuesday June 20, 2023

Attending the meeting

  • Meeting is located at: Kelowna City Hall, 1435 Water Street - Council Chambers.

  • Meeting will start at 4:00 pm, doors will open 30 minutes prior. 

  • You can find a copy of the Regular Council Meeting Agenda here.

  • You can also join virtually - follow instructions on the City of Kelowna website here.


Speaking at the meeting​

  • Saying a few words will go a long way.

  • You can speak at the event if you did not send a letter to Council.

  • You will be given 5 minutes to speak - you can use as little of the allotted time as you want.

  • State your name and civic address at the beginning.

  • You do not need to register to speak in advance.

  • If you are uncomfortable with public speaking, you can have someone speak on your behalf.

  • There will be a staff member there to assist you, if required.

  • If you have a presentation, video, or pictures to display, it is important that the Clerk's office receives a copy before the meeting to ensure all is in the proper format.

    • You have 2 options to send:

      • ​Email to: - make sure to mention it's for OCP23-004.
      • Drop it off at City Hall - 1435 Water Street (second floor on the right - 'Office of City Clerk') before 4:00 pm on Monday June 19. ​
        • Add you presentation, photos, or video to a USB flash drive and name the folder: OCP23-004 - YOUR NAME.
        • Let the Clerk’s office know it is for “OCP23-0004, Kelowna Springs Greenspace".

    • The higher the resolution for the pictures, the clearer they will be on the large display monitor.

    • A picture on a page with text, is treated the same as a simple picture for display purposes.

    • Pictures can be in JPG, TIFF, PDF, HEIC, PNG, GIF, other formats will also work.

    • Preferred format for videos is MP4.  


If you have any question, call the Clerk’s office at (250) 469-8645.

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