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Kelowna City Council

If you have an opinion or want to comment on the 2040 OCP Bylaw amendment of changing the Kelowna Springs designation back to Private Recreation from Industrial, contact information for all Councillors is listed below. 

When sending a letter to Council, please remember the following (very important) information:

  • The official OCP number within the Kelowna City Council is: OCP23-0004, this needs to be on all correspondence.

  • You will need to re-submit any letters you sent prior to May 22, 2023. Council does will not review or see anything before this date. ​​For anything that you are re-submitting you can quote "my position has not changed..."​​.
  • Ensure to send to all the emails below and address to: "Mayor and Council Members".

  • At the start of your letter/email please add "I support Council moving this motion forward". 

  • When writing your letter, keep it brief. Councillors receive several emails at a time. It is actually better to send 2 - 3 letters vs. having one that is too long.

  • ​Areas of most concern, that you can touch on in your letter:​​

    • Water migration - flooding of farmers' surrounding properties, disruption of the marsh and wetlands. 

    • Displacement of unique species, habitat and wildlife that rely on wetlands.

    • Health benefits, quality of life and carbon footprint with a Greenspace vs. Industrial land.

    • Environmental and climate issues - Greenspaces reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

    • Loss of quality of life including the economic, social and tourism benefit of golf.

  • Key messages for your letter are:

    • The Land is ecologically important and therefore should not be developed. 

    • The large open Greenspace is important to the well-being of our citizens, animals and species. 

    • There would be a significant loss of mature trees if any large development was approved for this property. 

    • This property is an important component of a larger flood plain of Mill Creek.

    • Development on this site will have a negative impact on surrounding properties, including the potential of flooding.

    • Golf is a tourist attraction that supports the economy while providing life-long health benefits to our citizens. This course is unique in that it is flat and walkable. There are few golf courses in Kelowna that provide affordable, walkable golf to the public.

    • The future cost to the City and taxpayers to maintain a dewatering system.

    • The environmental impact of an Industrial land next to a Marsh and wetlands.

  • You can speak at the Public Hearing on June 20, 2023, even if you did not send a letter to Council. Saying a few words at the public hearing will go a long way.

  • You will be given 5 minutes to speak - you can use as little of the allotted time as you want. You can also have someone speak on your behalf.

We want to thank all those that have written a letter, sent an email or have taken the time out of their day to show support and concern for this Greenspace. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to: or

Tom Dyas



Luke Stack



Maxine DeHart



Charlie Hodge


250-979-7254 (home)

250-808-0674 (cell)

Gord Lovegrove



Mohini Singh
Ron Cannan
Rick Webber
Loyal Wooldridge



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