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The habitat, wildlife, and naturalized areas, in and surrounding, the Kelowna Springs need your help.


More than a golf course...

Kelowna Springs is one of Kelowna’s most pristine and accessible green spaces. Denciti Development Corp. has recently stated that it has no interest in running a golf course. What Denciti fails to realize is that this issue is bigger than golf: it is about the citizens of Kelowna fighting big development, coming in, to summarize the immortal Joni Mitchell, to “pave paradise and put up a parking lot”. 


The residents of Kelowna do not want their green spaces to be paved over to house ever-sprawling industrial complexes.  We want to be able to enjoy the nature that surrounds us in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, and to know that we are leaving our children the same beautiful lands that we have enjoyed for centuries.  Whether these lands remain a golf course, or become an estuary and green space for all to enjoy, the point is that they are wholly unsuitable for development because of the many species they house, is next to a wetland (Simpson Pond), and the benefit they bring to our community.


Kelowna City Council voted to change the 106-acre Kelowna Springs land from 'designated private recreational' property to 'Industrial'.



The City of Kelowna is governed by an elected council on a four-year term. These 9 members are granted the authority to establish budgets, taxes, services and development of your city. 


Our foundation is on a volunteer basis only, which means that  your donation will go towards: campaigns, hiring expert witness, and so much more!

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